ChartDirector for .NET

Professional .NET chart component for ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications

.NET Charting Features

Extensive Chart Types with Meters and Gauges
ChartDirector for .NET brings ChartDirector's extensive chart types, programmable track cursors and realtime zoomable charts and to the .NET Framework. With the ChartDirector charting library and chart controls, you can develop professional ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms and Windows charting applications in C#, VB and other .NET languages.
ChartDirector for .NET does not require installation. You can simply download the fully functional zip distribution, unblock and extract it, and you can start trying the sample Visual Studio solutions in the distribution.
Please refer to the General Features page for more details about ChartDirector. The followings contain information specific to ChartDirector for .NET.

ASP.NET Charting Features

ASP.NET chart control with zoom, scroll, viewport, track cursor and PDF export

ASP.NET Chart Control

ChartDirector includes chart controls for both ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC, with plenty of C# charting and VB charting examples.

Mouse and Touch Interactions

ChartDirector's programmable track cursor not only can track the mouse, it can track finger movements too. Users and use finger tapping to zoom in or out and use finger drag to move the viewport, just like they can do so with mouse click and drag. You can add custom mouse or touch event handlers to most of the chart objects.

On the Fly Image, SVG and PDF Generation

You can create charts as raster images (PNG, JPG, BMP), vector graphics in SVG and PDF, and streamed them directly to the browser for display or as attachments, without having to save them as files on the server first.

Windows Forms Charting Features

.NET chart control displaying a realtime chart with zoom, scroll, track cursor, and PDF export

Windows Forms Chart Control

ChartDirector includes chart controls that not only display the charts, but also include user interaction features such as tooltips, zooming and scrolling controls, and programmable track cursors. Most chart objects supports full suite of mouse events for customizing user interactions. Includes plenty of C# charting and VB charting examples.

Large Data Sets and Zooming and Scrolling

Plotting millions of data points are common with ChartDirector. With that much data, zooming and scrolling features are useful. With ChartDirector, in additional to using the mouse wheel and click and drag to zoom and scroll, there is a Viewport control that can display the full data range with a highlighted box showing the visible range in the main chart. Users can resize the box to zoom in/out and move the box to scroll in both X and Y directions.

Zoomable Realtime Charts with Snapshot

Realtime charts in ChartDirector is not limited to appending new data points. You can also update existing data points in realtime, like in a spectrum analyzer in which the spectrum changes in realtime. Realtime charts can be zoomable and scrollable. You can take snapshots as raster images (PNG, JPG, BMP) or as vector graphics in PDF.

100% Managed Code and CLR Compliant

100% Managed Code

ChartDirector for .NET is written in 100% managed code and is compiled using the "Any CPU" architecture. It can be used by simply including one ChartDirector assembly in your project, and can run natively in both 32-bit and 64-bit environments. No registration or copying DLLs to system32 is required.

100% CLR Compliant

ChartDirector for .NET is 100% CLR compliant, which means it can work with any .NET languages, including VB, C#, C++/CLI, etc.

Strongly Named and Non-Strongly Named Versions

ChartDirector assemblies are available in both strongly named and non-strongly named editions for different deployment needs.

System Requirements

The latest version of ChartDirector requires .NET Framework 4.0 or above. For earlier versions of the .NET Framework, please use ChartDirector 6.0, which supports .NET Framework 2.0 or above.