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  netchardir.dll referencing mscorlib version
Posted by Willy Chua Ong on Apr-16-2012 13:28

I'm trying to use smart assembly from red gate to obfuscate a .net project that uses the netchardir.dll

But the smart assembly software complaints that the project is referencing an unrecognized version of mscorlib version  After some investigation, it is found that the module that is referencing mscorlib version is netchardir.dll  All our other modules are referencing version mscorlib  And we are able to use smart assembly on our modules as long as they don't reference netchardir.dll

I wonder if you guys can update your netchardir.dll by putting in a valid mscorlib version number there.  Same thing happens to the System.* that are being referenced in netchardir.dll


  Re: netchardir.dll referencing mscorlib version
Posted by Peter Kwan on Apr-16-2012 14:23
Hi Willy,

ChartDirector assembly can work with all versions of .NET (from 1.x to 4.x) and does not request any particular .NET version. I think the .NET system by default reports it as It should be a vaild version number. It works normally with any version of Visual Studio, ASP.NET, etc..

If we hard coded the .NET version to be, there can be version conflicts if someone used our assembly in certain Visual Studio 2010 .NET 4.x projects. (This problem can be manually resolved by configuring the VS 2010 project, but it is not as clean if ChartDirector does not hard coded any particular .NET version.)

If you must use version, you may use ildasm to disassemble our assembly. You may open it with a text editor. Right at the top, you can see the version dependencies. You can modify them to if you like, then save the file, and use ilasm to compile it back to a DLL.

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan

  Re: netchardir.dll referencing mscorlib version
Posted by Willy Chua Ong on Apr-17-2012 12:47
Hi Peter,
Got it.  Thanks for the quick response.